“Working with Valentina has helped me to appreciate my inner stimuli either if they are good or bad, to embrace them and to be more conscious about them so that being more conscious about myself too. Eventually, I am learning how to hug my inner self without judging it, so that I can liberate it and be freer every second of my life. Even if I still struggle, I consider it as part of our personal growth. The important thing is that I can feel the love inside me and in the Universe, that is the most beautiful thing I can ever think of. I had gone through many changes before this retreat with her, and I did not have much time to dedicate to my inner self, I got to do so with the retreat. It has also given me more balance and the ability to feel my energy, my boundaries and to settle them. This way, when I feel there is a little lack I am able to bring that sensation back so that I bring my strength back. After some sessions I was feeling terribly tired and exhausted, it made me wonder if that was really the aim, the reality is that, maybe, I can’t explain it with words. However, I don’t focus on it anymore because I got over a heavy weight I was feeling since long ago. Of course, I wonder what it was about, I am conscious about the fact that I have to keep on working, training, expanding and taking care of myself, but out of curiosity and not as a blockage. I cleansed. It is as if there was a trick that changes everything, and that trick helped me to leave the fear aside, to jump into another life to get more joy and love. I connected with that little child inside me who was longing for love, who wanted to expand and irradiate in others, I showed her she got it. I am happy and proud of being who I am, in part because, with her help, I know myself better. I am also happy and proud of having the privilege to work with her. Working with her has results, the fact that you had previous spiritual experience or not does not matter. For me, it is more about trusting her and moreover oneself, to surrender to what makes you feel better with yourself and being a better person. That is what I get. Now I do not want to stop hugging me ever again, I realize I am able to establish new connections that make me to be myself and set the boundaries I need in my life; with my family, my friends, at work and with myself. I give myself the space and the time I need, gently, with perseverance. I would like to finish this with a sentence I need to remember myself “Love is very beautiful, enjoy it”.” Thank you so very much for everything. –